Get the Most Out of Your Kids’ Used Halloween Costume

While it is unlikely that your kids will want to wear the same Halloween costume again next year, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to repurpose it after the holiday is over. If you typically allow your kids’ old Halloween costumes to collect dust after they have been worn for the holiday season, consider the ideas below.

Add Them to Your Dress-Up Collection

If your little ones enjoy playing dress-up, Halloween costumes are the perfect thing to add to their dress-up collection. If there are several children in your family, your dress-up collection will be well stocked just from Halloween costumes alone. Since many Halloween costumes have multiple pieces and multiple accessories, they can be used to create a wide range of dress-up characters.

Use Them for a School Play

It is inevitable that your children will participate in school plays for which you will need to provide a costume. Even if your child’s Halloween costume does not end up being a perfect match for the character or role they are playing, it may work for another student’s role or character, or it can be taken apart for school arts, crafts, and decorations.

Incorporate them into School Spirit Week

Many schools have school spirit days or themed dress-up days in which you may be able to incorporate your child’s Halloween costume. Even if they do not wear the costume in its entirety, elements of the costume can be used to create a unique look. For example, if one of the theme days asks kids to dress up as a superhero, your son or daughter may opt to use a cape or a plastic sword from a previous year’s costume.

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Host a Costume Party

Throwing a party for your kids is a great way to encourage fun social interaction. If there are no upcoming holidays or birthdays and you are looking for a fun party theme, consider hosting a costume party. The costume party could be specific, such as a disco-themed party, or it could just be a general costume party where each attendee can wear a costume of his or her choice.

Trade with Friends or Family Members

Whether for dress-up, next year’s Halloween costume, or just for fun, allow your kids to trade their old costumes with friends and family members. It’s always fun to have something new to wear and play with, and your kids may be more interested in a costume they have never worn than one they already have. Saving your older kids’ costumes for your younger children to wear when they get older is another excellent idea.

Mix and Match them to Create Next Year’s Halloween Costume

Sometimes as your kids develop more of a sense of independence, they opt for Halloween costumes that are a bit more unique and individualized. If your kids still want to dress up for Halloween, but can’t find the perfect costume, look for ways to mix and match old costumes to create a new one. For example, if your daughter has a tiara left over from an old Halloween costume she could use it to be a pop princess or ballerina.

Think outside the box to find ways to repurpose your kids’ Halloween costumes, as they are a great tool for encouraging fun and creativity.

Halloween III

Writer and mother Ashlyn Cooper loves to reuse her kid’s costumes throughout the year and encourages you and your kids to live your superhero dream by dressing up more than just one day a year.

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